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December 18, 2011
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Name: Matty O'Donnel (*7th June 1890, † 15th August 1945)
Age (1911): 21
Nationality: American
Eyecolor: Green
Hair color: Red brown
Birthplace: San Antonio (Texas)
Home: San Francisco (California) (Later: Armadillo & Blackwater)
Job: /

Family: Jack ‚The Red Bullet' O'Donnel (Father)
             Harriet Peters (Mother)
             Frank Butler (Stepfather)
             Jeremiah Peters (Her uncle)

Later:   Jonah (Husband)
             Elliot (Son)
             Luke (Son)
             Aislinn (Daughter)

Matty was born as the daughter and only child of the Irish-born outlaw Jack O'Donnel and his wife Harriet, a young aristocratic woman of good family.
Due to their so different positions in life and the fact, that Harriet's rich family didn't approve of it, the two were forced to keep their relationship secret.
Until Matty's fourteenth year of age, she and Harriet used to live with Jack and his gang in Texas, where he also taught his daughter the use of all kinds of firearms, for he didn't want her to become such a helpless little girl like most of the women at this time. Matty loved learning and enjoyed the time with her father. She also grew a tough and self confident character, due to being together with outlaws all the time.

Later on Jack made a pact with another gang's boss to fight against the law enforcement, who were persistently closing in on them. But the company of the other gang started to change his character and his personal acts started to be more dangerous and criminal, so that a high bounty was set on his head. Out of despair that something could happen to Matty and her, Harriet decided to leave Jack and the gang and returned to her family in San Francisco in California.

There, she also met Frank Butler, a rich owner of a ranch, who later became her second husband. Frank loved her very much and also the little Matty grew on him very fast and he did everything to facilitate a proper education for her.
Frank specially stresses that Matty behaves like a real lady and wants her to lead the life of an aristocratic woman. Frank is actually more of an arrogant nature and despises people with lower positions in life. He also calls people, who still live in the so called 'Wild Land', 'Dumb Hillbilly trash'. He doesn't know about Matty's real father, since Harriet and her keep it secret and avoid talking about their past.
When Matty is asked about her family, she will always state, that she's a rancher's daughter who grew up in California and will never reveal the truth. The only ones who will actually learn about it, are Jonah and Eli.

She meets the two of them, when she travels from California to Armadillo, with the main reason to escape the conservative life at home for some months and to visit her uncle, who works there as a hatter. While she is waiting for him to get her from the train station, the town is raided by the Walton Gang, a local gang of bandits and she is forced to defend herself in the following shootout, even though she never wanted to show anyone that she was able to handle guns, since that wasn't right and proper for ladies at her time.
Because of this, the marshal of the town, Leigh Johnson, learns about her good handling of weapons and offers her a job as one of his deputies, even though she's a young woman and he knows that people won't approve of it, since it's immoral. But he needs another good hand.
Matty accepts his offer, though she's confused that someone actually approved of her so unfeminine behaviour, and gets together with the other deputies of the marshal, Jonah and Eli.
While Eli obviously shows that he is impressed by her skills and gets along with her really good from the beginning on, Jonah treats her with resentment and reluctance, since he doesn't accept a so called 'little girl' being a deputy marshal and having the same occupation as himself.
Matty doesn't really approve of his rough behaviour either and since she isn't much of a quiet nature, they mostly end up having harsh debates or fights. Still, while working together, Matty can't help to admit that there's something about him what makes her mind go dizzy and keeps her away from not thinking of him. But instead of agreeing to the feeling, she tries to push it away and just seeing his face makes her go crazy.
At this moment she doesn't know, that he was feeling almost the same. Persuading himself that he loathes that stupid little girl, he secretly admits in some moments, that a girl, hot-tempered and tough like her, never made him feel so dizzy and lost.

It takes them a long while until they finally confess their love to each other after surviving a shootout against some miners while trying to save the hostages they kept. Their relationship is described very solid and intimate, but still they love to tease each other in a fondly way and often end up fooling around.

Some months later, Matty has to leave Armadillo again for returning to California, even though she hates the thought of being separated from Jonah, also Eli and her uncle. Still, she has to leave for at least two months because of her stepfather's will. She also gives up on the deputy job for good, since people found it outrageous. Still, she promises herself to help the marshal and the others, once she returns.

At home, Frank is literally shocked about how her manners changed and he blames her stay in Armadillo for it. When Matty also tells him and her mother, that she fell in love with a deputy down there, Frank bursts in disbelief and anger. From the beginning, he knew that this stay wouldn't be good for his virtuous daughter and he forbids her to go back, so that this relationship with that 'hillbilly' won't get any more serious. With the persuasiveness of her mother, who was happy for Matty, Frank accepts that she wants to go back again, even though he's more than concerned and upset about it.

Delighted, Matty finally returns to Armadillo and is back with Jonah again, who's more than happy to have his 'lil' ginger' back. They enjoy the time and months pass until one day Frank arrives in Armadillo out of the blue, stating that he wanted to visit his daughter. Matty knows, that he's only here to observe what she's doing and mainly to check Jonah, who, just like Frank thought in the very beginning, doesn't meet his standards. Hence, he treats him like dirt and lets him feel, that, in his eyes, he's unworthy of being his daughter's love.
Still, Jonah is in conflict. Even though he can barely bridle his anger towards him, he can't afford to fight with him, since he's still Matty's father. Matty, however, starts to grow loathing towards her stepfather and his condescending and superficial behaviour and ends up having a harsh debate with him, whereupon she avoids talking to him or even looking into his eyes. After that, Frank goes to Blackwater, where he stays in a hotel. Matty feels guilty for everything Frank said to Jonah, but in his typical manner he tells her, that he doesn't really care about his insults.

Later, Jonah kills a member of the Walton Gang in the saloon, which also leads to a couple of less positive happenings, like him and Matty being caught by the Walton Gang, while following the marshal's order to protect a charge of dynamite on it's way to Plainview. They nearly get killed, but are saved in the very last moment by some other lawmen, who raided the gang's hideout. Since Matty was injured pretty bad, her uncle sends a telegram to Frank, telling him what happened, what causes him to come back with sorrow.

He's shocked about the situation, even more, when the doctor tells him, what causes Matty to writhe in such terrible pain... Blaming Jonah for everything, he immediately wants to take Matty home, but she refuses, telling him, she won't leave New Austin again, no matter what. Frank has no other option than to accept it and leaves.

Matty stays in Armadillo with Jonah und her uncle. When Frank hears from her again after a long time through a telegram sent to her mother Harriet, he learns that Jonah and Matty got married some time ago.

After the retirement of Marshal Johnson, they finally decided to start a new life together and move to Blackwater, where Jonah starts to work for the local law enforcement. During this time, Matty also gives birth to their first child, their son Elliot. One year later, their second little son Luke is born.
They enjoy their life together and everything seems to be perfect, until a new gang starts to terrorize the county. The life around the Great Plains became more dangerous and every day Jonah had to go for riding with the other lawmen to fight the bandits, Matty was scared that he won't come back again and she trembled every day. But Jonah was lucky, and managed to survive even a shootout whereby many lawmen got killed.

One year later their daughter Aislinn was born and Matty started to work out in the fields to earn some extra money, for even the lawmen work wasn't paid that good anymore.

The years passed, but they seemed to have no luck anymore. Jonah was wounded in a fight with bandits and then died a day later in a shootout.
Unable to overcome her despair and sadness over the loss of her beloved husband, Matty got sick and unable to work. Her children cared for her, but one year later she died too. Matty and Jonah are buried together, finally together again at last, on the Blackwater Cemetery.

Their two sons carried on the family tradition in law enforcement. Luke became a United States Marshal, while Elliot worked as a sheriff in Benedict Point, New Austin. And even though Aislinn was still fascinated by west and its past legends, she longed for a life in one of the great cities in the East.
She later starts a career as an actress in a bar in Dallas, Texas, where she keeps working three years. After she grew in popularity, she could afford a journey to New York, where she decided to stay and continued her life as an actress.
AND sorry for the text looking strange xD I just copied and pasted, but I will correct this later on, sorry for that.

I was asked to write a little more detailed 'short summary' of my Red Dead Redemption lady Matty's life, so I did it today xD
Please excuse my english, grammar, mistakes and stuffs, I really did my best to write it so that you understand everything ^^;
If some native speaker here wants to correct grammar and stuffs, I'd be glad if you helped me haha!

But yes, main thing is that you understand it. :) And there are still many things from they story that were not included here, so if it still sounds a little boring and stuffs, it's because some events and happenings are lacking.

But I actually didn't plan on writing that much. XD Maybe I will submit the story too when I translated it.

It's kinda a longer version of the summary on Matty's sheet -> [link]

Enjoy! :blowkiss:

Matty O'Donnel Me, =Berylunee
Red Dead Redemption & Jonah Rockstar
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Freak coincidence :D

Yeah, but anyhow, love this. 
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Thanks! :D But this one is actually only for the can see the big version here - [link]
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